A good gaze at 2023 smblogger1 January 9, 2023

A good gaze at 2023


Hello SMartribers and art fans, the whole of SM wishes you a happy and prosperous new year and as we proceed on in this year, we at SM would like to thank you our faithful fans and supporters for your patience and persistence with us as we moved through the times since our inception. The year 2022 was a great one for SM as we evidently were able to kick-start some major projects and event which we have longed to bring to reality. We kicked off 2022 in February with the release of ‘the word’ (comic series) #2.

The word #2 (cover art)


In march, the Afro Ninja art contest took place and the Afro Ninja teaser comic issue was also released in the same month. 


In May, the first edition of the SM Geek Invasion took place in Magboro town on children’s day.


Later on in 2022, Bloomed (comic series) #1, our first comic in hard-copy format was released


and then afterwards, we made our first official appearance at the 2022 Lagos Comic Convention.


At the event, Bloomed #1 alongside some of our quality merchandise were available for purchase at our stand and same was the case at the 2022 Afro-Culture Convention which also took place afterwards.


Now 2023 promises to be another successful year as we have got a chain of events, projects and contents lined up to engage you with and we trust that they are what you have been expecting from us. So we would like you to fasten your seatbelts as we take you on a journey of fun-filled creativity and passion.

We would also urge every bonafide SMartriber to please follow us on all social media platforms @smcomicsnaija, engage our posts, comment on them and share with others.


Have a great year, SM.