Agbara Comic Series: An Overview. smblogger1 March 11, 2023

Agbara Comic Series: An Overview.

If you have ever seen an advert or a post on any of our social media pages (facebook, instagram, etc.) concerning ‘Agbara’, one of our major comic book projects and you are yet to read any of it or you want to have an idea of what it is all about before giving it a try, then this post is for you.

What is Agbara?
Agbára is a Yoruba word of which, when translated directly into English simply means ‘Power’. Depending on how it is used when speaking Yoruba, agbára can mean strength, influence, authority or control.

What is Agbara comic series about?
Agbara is a comic book series which is based on mystery and the supernatural. A tuscle for power and control between a lineage of witches and that of ruthless witch-hunters which has continued for centuries reaches a peak in present day as a young male descendant of the witches’ bloodline called Teni fights to survive in the circumstances he finds himself.

What’s popping about Agbara?
SM has made a .8million Naira deal with Salvation NSX as the lead artist of the first volume of the comic series as announced by the creator.

So do not forget to please check out, read and follow the Agbara comic series on our website while it blazes hot.