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Read comics smcomicsnaija101 November 13, 2022
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A comic series that features four chosen young adults from Lagos, Nigeria and a mysterious professor that guides them on their chosen part to be the defendant of the Earth Realm from the wrath of the terrestial world. This comic series is a darama that goes indepth with African Lifestyle, Culture and myseries.

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What a man will hate on the existence of the gods of Africa , what a man will base his life and after life research to see the ends of the gods, to make them go extinct. His Armies Echos his name ISITHA, ISITHA is a bio scientist and he has lived long enough to bring his full power on the gods of Africa, let’s see how he goes about that…THE GODS ARE COMING!!!!

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Here comes Oranyan (AFRONINJA), an adopted son of Oduduwa, and He is one of the New Alkans. After his rebirth bath as an Alkan, he was told by IFA that he is born to wander the whole Alkebulan in service to Humanity. He felt like a looser after hearing this as some other Alkans were destined to serve the king at capital and some to the mountains to help the king of the mountains while others remain as masters at Ground zero only for his own path to be different. He went to the cliff of Ground Zero thinking to jump down and commit suicide when a mysterious young man named “MASQ” walked up to him. Masq as it sounds is masked and he encouraged Oranyan to keep his hopes high as wandering around the Alkebulan might be fun and educative and he would be willing to …

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t’s a True Terror in New Era Town, Lagos…
The police are feeling disturbed about the increase in death tolls, all death unrelated but points to the same cause : THE WITCHES AND WITCH HUNTERS. A lot has been happening in the lives of the kids and their guidance. The head of New Era Police, Mr. Charles and his daughter Ngozi haven’t been in the best term since Ngozi’s mother went into exile with no explanation and his cases has been taking most of his time…Ngozi has to grow through this emotional down break along side coping with the society troubles and helping his colleague TENI, a young boy who is gifted with lots of mystical powers and has to keep his powers to himself to avoid any attention that might put his life on the line. New Era Town is scarier lately than usual…

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Cyril’s team created four subjects: A’A, B’B, C’C, and D’D. They let them go to observe them in the real world and then they got in contact with a group called Order Green. The Order Green is what you’d call Nigeria’s black ops team. Only a few people know about them and not every president is on this list. After seeing how well they work, the Order Green or O. G developed fears of the subjects turning against them. Cyril says they are resourceful but O. G doesn’t want any of it. They send a mercenary after the subject beginning with the most dangerous; D’D. the Order Green sends a mercenary called Commando after D’D. D’D tries to run but he is eventually cornered. He has to fight and he beats commando hands down. O. G is impressed and they finally agree the subjects are useful but they can’t have four of them. They send them out to hunt each other and the last two that survive will be allowed to live. D’D takes on A’A. A’A comes after D’D but he fails. They take on each other and it’s an epic showdown. D’D comes out on top and goes after his next target. C’C takes on B’B and B’B comes out on top. O. G is satisfied with B’B and D’D. They send them on a mission to start an arms deal happening in Nigeria. As they go on the mission, D’D and B’B develop feelings for each other. D’D and B’B finish their task and they think it’s over. O. G tells them they have to kill each other. D’D pretends to kill B’B (she’s not actually dead but the audience doesn’t know that) and he asks to leave but O. G doesn’t let him. He fights his way out and goes out with a bang, seeming to be dead. He changes his face and adopts the name; Detective D.