Full Action In Art Pages. smblogger1 January 25, 2023

Full Action In Art Pages.

Detective D: The Origin #1 cover art

When it comes to dishing out action packed contents for entertainment purposes, the Nigerian comic industry has come a long way and are therefore not strangers to this art genre in particular. Over the recent years, fans have been thrilled with some back to back action packed comic contents from Nigerian comic producing companies and groups. SMcomics naija have not been left out of this trend as we have been able to serve you some action with great stories and artworks in recent times too.

Having said that, we are pleased to announce the release of our latest comic book, ‘Detective D: The Origin-#1’, the first issue of a series of comics we would be releasing subsequently. It tells the story of the origin of one of our topmost characters, Detective D and the bizarre circumstances that surrounds how he became who he is currently identified as.

SMcomics naija serves this to you in a thrilling, captivating and action packed proper naija style which you would not want to miss. Now hold on to something guys because this is definitely going to send some excitement through your nerves.

Download link: https://smcomicsnaija.com/product/detective-d/