Introducing; ‘OUR LAND’. smblogger1 March 4, 2023

Introducing; ‘OUR LAND’.

As part of our mission and vision at SMcomics Naija, we promised to serve you our esteemed fans with the best of insightful, educative and entertaining African stories which are aimed at communicating cultural values in the most exciting ways possible. With these in mind, SMcomics Naija are pleased to announce the official inclusion of a comic series titled ‘OUR LAND’ to our set of ongoing productions.

OUR LAND, a comic book series which is based on the supernatural aspects of present day Africa is centred on Nigerian culture and tells a story of orishas (deities), their heritages, their interactions with humans and so much more a unique African way which promises to keep you coming back for more.

OUR LAND is a great work art created by Otoki Oluwafunmibi Samuel (a.k.a Samcil). It was initially available on Webtoon but is now available exclusively on the SMcomics Naija platform. So do not sleep on it comic fans, follow our comics today to see African culture and greatness expressed in colourful pages of arts.