Our ‘Africanness’. smblogger1 March 20, 2023

Our ‘Africanness’.

Many have often wondered, why do SM focus majorly on themes or contents that are majorly African related or Afrocentric? We say it has everything to do with our identity.

Africa as we know it is a vast land which is fully endowed with natural, human and of course creative resources which can be easily found in our different cultures and traditions. With this knowledge, we decided not to look any further than what we already have and reach inwards, deep into our heritage to draw out magnificent stories and tell them in one of the ways we know how to do best, COMICS!

Coming into the industry and knowing that the majority of the Nigerian (and African) youths and growing children have very little or almost no knowledge of their heritages, we started making conscious efforts at producing works/contents that are intended to not just educate our audiences but also to spark a hunger for or interest in our heritage as a people.

As much as the negatives of our African heritages have been projected for so long hereby making the young generations willing to reject, ignore or forget it all, SM seeks to communicate the richly positive aspects of it all which can be highly influential in correcting many societal wrongs that have plagued the African society for too long.